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Simple and straightforward payment management that’s perfect for you and your clients.


Reasons to partner with Pollen

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Increase revenue per employee

Improve efficiency within your company with our powerful payment management features: streamlined reviews, direct communication channels, beneficary self-serve, automated checks and reconciliation.

Opportunities to win new business

List your company and generate new qualified leads from companies looking to outsource their payment/payroll administration.

No upfront fees or monthly commitment

Pollen acts as both a revenue generating and cost saving product, at the same time.

Improved customer satisfaction rates

Business expect a higher level of technology than ever before. Get your own branded payments system, where customers can login to review payments and commuicate directly with your team.

Stay compliant

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage when pitching for business. We're authorised by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institute and also GDPR compliant.

New product offering(s)

Utilise the Pollen payments platform to instantly open up new product offerings for your customers, either directly or via our servcies marketplace.

Support with onboarding customers

Our frictionless due diligence checks can help support your existing onboarding efforts to smooth the process and covert them to customers faster.

Access to a personal account manager

A single point of contact for any support. We understand the importance of payments for your business, and are here to make sure you always have someone at the end of the phone ready to help.

Stay in the know

Our 'Industry Innovators Group' initiative has been designed to provide sector specific information and networking opportunities. For those looking to create added value in their role.

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Effortless administration.

Focus on what really counts.

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Management console

The online nerve-centre for managing the administration of payments, with an always-current to-do list and one-click access to all your clients.

Simplify your workflow

Make sure everyone’s on the same page. With Pollen, your AP team, suppliers, managers, and employees can chat and collaborate together within Pollen throughout the entire process.

Make and collect domestic and international payments

Industry leading technology allows you and your clients to make and receive payments in more than 35 currencies to 212 countries.

Sanction screening and AML monitoring

Automated service dedicated to compliance, with AML monitoring, sanction checks, and oversight controls. Keeping your business compliant and minimising fraud risk.

Data pre-validation

Confirms bank details provided before upload, checking recipients and alerting clients to new Beneficiaries.

No need for you or your clients to change banks

There's no need to change your current bank, Pollen works with all UK and EU banks, enabling you to seamlessly make payments directly from your bank accounts via Pollen.

Automated comparisons

Reviews happen faster when you know exactly what’s changed. Compare versions of your payments side by side, highlighting the parts that are new, edited, or deleted.

Customised reports

Customisable, real-time reporting. Define what you or your clients need and allow everyone to get the information they need.

Simplify and Streamline Data Collection

Provide clients and their beneficiaries with a secure portal to upload invoice and payment information, directly into your workflow.

Full auditability

Real-time audibility of user actions gives the ability to constantly see what is going on within the system.

Approvals on the go

Automatic notifications alert approvers when a new invoice or payment is ready for review. Users can review and approve payments electronically from any device, anytime.

Track and assign tasks

Identify, assign, and keep track of tasks within your team. You can open an Issue to track a problem, discuss with an @mention, or start distributing work.

Software is always up to date

Nothing to install. Just easy-to-use, cloud-based software in a secure environment. Disaster Recovery worries are a thing of the past with multiple data centres, remote access and submissions 24/7.


Impress clients with your own branded payments software solution.

Direct integration to accounting systems  (Coming Soon)

Changes you make within Pollen are automatically carried over to your accounting software, so you never have to enter payment data twice.

Security tested by BAE Systems

Latest security practices including multi-factor authentication, session management, activity observation and penetration testing.

Regulated in 28 countries

Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institute, Account Information Service Provider and Payment Initiation Service Provider.

Pay-as-you-go commercial model

For the first time, makes leading edge payment capability accessible economically for small or very high volumes users.

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Partnering with a regulated technology provider like Pollen removes compliance risk and helps provide competitive advantage.

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As of January 2018, the new Payment Services Regulations set by the FCA state that any business handling funds on behalf of another business.

As part of a regular business activity need to either be regulated or partner with a regulated entity. Why put your business at risk? partner with Pollen.


GDPR means fundamental changes to how employee data is acquired, processed, stored and, importantly, deleted. 

The Pollen system utilises core Privacy-by-Design principles to make sure your customers data is not leaked, and our software is security tested by BAE systems to prove so.

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Partner Network

More than just a technology provider, we want to be considered as a partner

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Industry Innovators Group

Stay in the know with the latest news for your industry, receive invites to exclusive Pollen events and mix with your peers.

Services marketplace

Users of Pollen receive a new lead source from businesses looking to outsource their administrative and payment functions. Sign up with Pollen and win new business.

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Next Steps

To learn more about Pollen and how it could help your business, schedule a call with one of our team members.

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