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Supercharge your payables with Pollen, whether its: invoices, payroll, just in the UK or around the world.

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Programmatic payments

Set up your payments and delivery dates then you're done. Let Pollen do the heavy lifting of making sure your suppliers get paid on time.

Keep your existing bank relationship

There's no need to change your current bank, Pollen is compatable with all UK and EU banks, enabling you to seamlessly make payments directly from your bank accounts via Pollen.

Prevent corporate/invoice fraud

Email and PDF invoices are not secure, don't leave your business vulnerable. With Pollen, you can provide vendors with a secure portal to upload invoice and payment information, directly into your workflow.

Automated vendor payment updates and notifications

Minimise time answering inquiry calls from vendors, and spend your time doing more valuable tasks. Pollen gives you the power to offer visibility for vendors on expected payment delivery dates.

Send money internationally for less

Banks only give their best rates to clients who send millions of dollars each year. With Pollen, you’ll always get great rates regardless of the number or value of payments you send. Save up to 5% compared to the banks or PayPal.

Verified payee bank accounts

Our unique payments system has the ability to verify payee bank details, so you can be assured that payments are going to the intended destination.

Confirmation of payment delivery

For the first time ever, receive a notification when a payment has been received and reconciled. Don't be left in the dark anymore.

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Get Paid on Time.

Reduce your DSO, spend less time tracking down customers and more time finding new ones.

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No expensive card payments

Pollen at its core is built upon Account-2-Account payment infrastructure like Faster Payment, ACH and SEPA. In most cases we're free and real-time. Don't get ripped off with 3% card fees, chargeback disputes and 3 day settlement times.

Receive notifications when payments arrive to any of your bank accounts

Remove the anxiety of having to keep checking your bank 10x a day to see if a buyer has paid.

Local bank details around the world, with a single click

Make it easy for vendors to pay you with local details. Get instant bank details for EUR, GBP, and USD - it's a bit like having accounts in each of those countries. Funds show instantly in your dashboard.

Streamlined document management

Communicate directly with buyers about invoices, documents, disputes or give them a nudge when it's getting close to the due date.

Sync with your accounting system (coming soon)

Keep books up to date by integrate Pollen into your accounting system. Incoming payments reconcile and update automatically, giving you a clearer insight into your cash flow.

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Understand your real-time cash position.

Scalable platform for multi-banked SMEs and Mid-Corporates.

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Cash management

Aggregate accounts and manage balances internally by viewing account balances from different banks through our online platform.

Hold balances in 30 currencies

Don't have your own currency accounts, don't worry. Instantly open currency accounts, receive real-time foreign exchange rates and low-cost currency conversions.

Take the guess work out of international payments

Let our payment engine do the calculations, and even creating forwards to lock rates in for up to 12 months.


Calculate net positions and gain overall visibility into currency exposures and reduce transaction costs with multi-lateral netting of multi-currency payables and receivables.

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Collaborate internally and externally with suppliers/payees. Whether you’re a team of two or two hundred, we've got the support your people need.

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Simplify your workflow

Make sure everyone’s on the same page. With Pollen, your AP team, suppliers, managers, and employees can chat and collaborate together within Pollen throughout the entire process.

Approvals on the go

Automatic notifications alert approvers when a new invoice or payment is ready for review. Users can review and approve bills electronically from any device, anytime.

Vendor collaboration

Vendors can now check the status of their invoices, electronically message their customers and update vendor master information 24/7.

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Growing your company should be exciting, not stressful. We've made setup and scaling easy so you can focus on what counts.

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Personalised user interface allows  your users to see exactly what matters most to them, so that your business can run more smoothly.

Historical data at your fingertips

Browse payment details, comments, and references related to your payment runs in a timeline-style interface.


Real-time audit functionality of user actions gives the ability to constantly see what is going on within the system.


Roles can be set within Pollen so that only certain users can have access and authority over certain processes and actions. Keeping your business secure but efficient.

Customised Reports

Customisable, real-time reporting to make sure everyone in the business gets the information they need.

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Pollen was founded with a core principle to protect a companies data and money. Scroll down to see how.

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Regulated in 28 countries

Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institute, Account Information Service Provider and Payment Initiation Service Provider.

Security tested by BAE Systems

This means that all you and your customers data and money, is secure. Latest security practices including multi-factor authentication, session management, activity observation and penetration testing.

Your money never leaves the banking system

Rest assured that all of our payments run on modern scalable payment infrastructure.

Sanction screening and AML monitoring

Automated service dedicated to compliance, with AML monitoring, sanction checks, and oversight controls. Keeping your business compliant and minimising fraud risk.

Your software is always up to date

Nothing to install. Just easy-to-use, cloud-based software in a secure environment.

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Predictable SaaS-based pricing that scales

We take a consultative approach to pricing, working with companies of all sizes, our focus is on executing and growing your payment volumes.

Zero set-up fees

No expensive to integrate software. Pollen is ready to go.

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